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Clean Modern Facilities

Top Of Line Everything


Boxing Ring

18x18 State of The Art Boxing ring! 


State of the Art Bag Stations

Our Bag station is top of the line with Ringside Bags, Water Bags, Double-End, Speed Bags, Cobra Reflex Bags and MUCH MUCH more! 


Full Service Strength Training and Cardio Facility

Hit the Cardio and Strength Training area where you will find Free Weights, Kettlebells, Agility Equipment, Top of the Line Clench Bands, Tires, Plyobox, Cardio Equipment and much more! Your one stop shop for strength training and getting shredded! We aren’t the typical gym! We don’t have ellipticals, treadmills or weight machines. We do have the bang for your buck and tools that will get you to your goals!
Brand New Olympic Lifting Center Open!!! This will include all the necessary equipment to perform heavy Olympic lifts! Squat Racks, Bench Press, Deadlift and Power Clean platforms with thousands of pounds in weight plates! 

Our Facility : Facilities
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