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Jimmy "The Bull" Barnes

Head Coach/Master Trainer 

Coach Jimmy possesses a vast wealth of expertise in combat sports, fitness, and self-defense. His current status includes being a former World Ranked Professional Boxer, an undefeated Pro BJJ fighter, and a Pro MMA fighter. He also boasts an impressive 28 years of experience as a skilled wrestler, with a track record of coaching youth, high-school, and collegiate athletics.
Throughout his career, Jimmy has played a pivotal role in the development of athletes in various sports such as football, hockey, wrestling, boxing, and Jiu-Jitsu, helping them reach the pinnacle of their potential. His journey has taken him to some of the world's top promotions, including LFA, NSC, F2W, TopRank on ESPN (2x), and Showtime Boxing.
Jimmy's personal transformation story is remarkable. Initially weighing an astounding 375 lbs and suffering from health issues, he managed to shed over 120 lbs in just 4-5 months through a combination of motivation, clean eating, and exercise, ultimately reclaiming his health.
Coach Jimmy is celebrated for his practical knowledge based on extensive experience, which he leverages to provide exceptional instruction to his clients. His clientele is a testament to his impact, with numerous individuals who have experienced life-changing transformations under his guidance. He also has extensive experience in running boot camps, fitness classes, and various other training programs.
Furthermore, Jimmy holds certifications as a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition Coach, Weight Loss Specialist, and Youth Fitness Specialist. During his daytime role, he serves as a Bodyguard, having received specialized training in protection and self-defense. He also has a background as a Correctional Officer.
Notably, Jimmy is a dedicated single father, caring for his four-year-old twin boys, Gunnar and Hunter, as well as his eleven-year-old daughter, Jillian.

Willow “Wonder Woman” Stangeland 

Assistant Coach


2x State Champion, 2x Regional Champion and 2x National placer (2nd, 4th) with a National Ranking. Willow will bring excitement and her amazing vibrant goofy attitude that will light up a room. She loves teaching kids and grooming youth to become the best they can be in and out of the ring! Willow assists by teaching Little Bulls Boxing and Comp Team practices. 

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