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Wanna make the leap to compete at a high level? Wanna get in the Ring? Want to train and learn boxing but don’t want to compete? We have professional coaching in Boxing! This class will get you in great shape while learning the beautiful art of boxing. We have the staff on-site to bring your game to the next level! A true one-stop shop! We provide the skills, coaching and much more to ensure you will be a CHAMPION both in the ring and outside of it! You don’t have to be in great shape to join! We will help you get there in a nonjudgmental family friendly atmosphere. Classes run all week from Mon/Weds 5:15pm-6:30 Tues/Thurs/Fri from 6:15-7:30pm.This class is led by Pro Boxer and Coach Jimmy Barnes, Dakota Goad, Mark Goad and many more experienced boxers to ensure your instruction is second to none. 

Mondays/Weds are conditioning days with a board posted workout led by boxers and coaches. 5:15-6:30pm

Tuesday/Thursdays/Fridays are technique days mixed with conditioning 6:15-7:30


Adult Bootcamp/Fitness

This is our premier program at FSTC offered 5 days a week! We wanted to offer pure boot camp and weight transformation services cheap and affordable which is very hard to find. This class will change your life and give you that body and wellness you dream of! We will combine many aspects of fitness to keep it fun and challenging! This class will incorporate Kickboxing, Boxing, Strength, Agility and HITT. No more boring videos. Come get the support from experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers.


Mon/Weds 630-730pm /Thurs 7:30pm-8:30pm. 

Tuesday and Friday 5am-5:45am


Little Bulls Fitness

Looking to give your young one a safe outlet to burn energy, learn self-discipline and learn the fun art of boxing all in the same class? This class will introduce your littles to fitness, fundamental boxing and so much more! This program has been proven to give kids confidence and overall boost behaviors at home and school. Enroll today! Class taught by boxers and coaches who want to make a difference in each child’s life. 
Wednesdays/Thursdays at 4:30pm-5:30pm taught by Boxers and Coaches! 


Personal Training 

Personal Training by Master Trainer and Head Coach Jimmy Barnes. Jimmy has many years of experience in personal training and has earned multiple certifications that will bring your goals to fruition. Jimmy will be with you every step of your journey and will ensure you have all the skills and tools to become successful. Personal Training is an investment in yourself. Jimmy has been proven to assist in providing AMAZING results and transformations. Jimmy continues to educate himself and provide ELITE-level techniques to ensure your success. Book online. 


Hope Saturdays (Invite Only)

This is a newly developed class made special for kids that deal with anger and self confidence dilemmas. We understand the world is a frightening place and things in our past we cannot change. This class was developed to give kids K-6 a healthy outlet to breath and release anger in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Your child will learn discipline, boxing skills, fitness skills and in return gain confidence and learn how to act as a team. Coach Jimmy was involved in programs at school that helped him get better and he used sports to get better and has gone on to accomplish amazing things and even work in special education currently.  This class is by invite only and is completely free of charge to participants. This program will be on-going and will meet 1-2 Saturdays per month! Email and reply with your child’s name, DOB, School District, Grade and why you think your child would be a great fit here! Participants will also receive a team shirt! 

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


Join Colombe for Vinyasa Yoga offered at FSTC. Vinyasa Yoga is a flow that moves with your breath and is a great addition to any workout or a stand alone. Whether you are new to yoga or have been doing it for years this class is for you. Please bring a mat (some mats are available if you need them) and a light blanket, along with any other props such as a block or yoga strap. Mondays 7:30-8:20pm, Wednesdays 7:30-8:20pm and Saturdays at 9am. Also styles will vary based on needs and wants of members. Many styles of yoga can be offered. 5 days a week starting April 1st. 

New schedule April 1 
Gentle yoga - Monday and Wednesday 730-830 pm Gentle yoga is a slower paced yoga flow that combines tender poses with mindfulness and breath-work.

Vinyasa yoga - Thursday 615-715 pm and Friday 6-7 am First and last Saturday of Month 9am-10am. Vinyasa yoga brings together movement and breath for a smooth flow that incorporates a higher intensity and strength work than our gentle yoga class. 

60+ yoga - Tuesday 9-10 am Our 60+ yoga class brings gentle movement to work on flexibility and balance with options for your practice to be done on a mat or with a chair. 



A quick 25-minute fat burning workout with Coach Jimmy. Book Online!



Want to just hit mitts (focus mitts/Thai-pads) and work on your boxing or kickboxing? Want to focus on Boxing/Kickboxing skill-work. Book your session with a Very Experienced Coach that has produced multiple state, regional champions along with national placers. Whether your pro, amateur or just looking for mitt-work this small 25-minute session. Book today! 

Crowd in the Stadium

Athletic Development 

This is a one of a kind service provided to athletes of ALL ages. If you want to be more agile, powerful and stronger at the sport of your choice we are HERE to help! We design an implement a program designed to the sport of your choice that will bring you to the top of your sport physically and mentally! We will tailor your program and even provide skill work to improve your overall game! Trust in trained and experienced staff who have brought athletes to the next level! Inquire today. Book a session today! This service is TOP of the line. 

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